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AutoCAD 是業界一致推崇的繪圖軟件。因此,考取由Autodesk所領發的証書是得到業界認



有見及此,天行凝方於上星期六(4月10日)舉辦了AutoCAD/ Revit考試認證一日通大賽。比賽共分為兩部份。前半部份,我們邀請了天行凝方的專業導師為學員分析AutoCAD/ Revit考試重點及應試策略,場內更提供由業界導師精心編製的實用即時練習,務求使學員在短時內掌握應試技巧。下半部份為實戰比賽,學員將前半部份所學的技巧加以運用,於三小時內成功考取AutoCAD/ Revit的Certified Associate 及 Certified Professional的專業認證。是次比賽的優勝者是CC Yuen,他只花了小於兩小時便於考試中考取95分的驕人成績。

比賽後,大部份參賽者皆表示自己低估了考試的難度。他們起初認為自己對AutoCAD/ Revit軟件的操作十分熟悉。但在考試後,他們發現自己還有不足的地方。幸而,在上半部份的講座,導師能及時指正他們的錯誤概念。「冇呢個講座我都唔會pass到呢個試,講座的練習真係令到我可以好快適應呢個試。」CT Wong,在Certified Professional考試合格後興奮地表示。

講座導師Joshua表示,坊間有很多人認為只要到電腦書店購買AutoCAD/ Revit的書本,便能可以完全掌握AutoCAD/ Revit。由於AutoCAD/ Revit涉及大量實務功能,需要有經驗及經Autodesk認可的導師,配合有系統的課程編排,才能夠短時間掌握此軟件及考取認證。

Analyzing AutoCAD/ Revit examination: key step for getting certification

To gain recognition from industries, no one will doubt the importance of having a professional certification from Autodesk as AutoCAD/ Revit is a world recognized graphic software. Unfortunately, seldom do Hong Kong people issue such certification from Autodesk. The reason is simply because of lacking in examination strategy.

In order to gain the recognition, trainee should have sufficient knowledge on AutoCAD/ Revit. Besides, they should also need to have right examination skills and strategies. If they can possess the above criteria, it has no difficulty in passing the examination.

Form.Welkin held “One Day Pass AutoCAD/ Revit Certification Examination Competition” last Saturday. The competition was divided into two


parts. Firstly, we have invited the professional trainer from Form.Welkin to analyze the key points and the examination strategies of the certification examination. Additionally, a practical exercises designed by our trainers was given to the participants. With a comprehensive training in the morning, they sat the certification examination in the afternoon. They aimed at completing the AutoCAD/ Revit Certified Associate and Certified Professional Examination in three hours. CC Yuen, the winner of the competition, scored 95 in the examination within 2 hours.

Most of the participants stated that they have underestimated the difficulty of the examination. Before the event, they treated themselves as a professional user of AutoCAD/ Revit. After participating in the seminar in the morning, they realized that there are still some misconceptions of the software. Luckily, the tutor can correct those concepts in the seminar. “Thank you Joshua! I bet I can’t pass the examination without him. The exercise given by him was really practical and useful for the examination.” said CT Wong excitingly after the examination.

“Most people possessed a wrong concept that they can completely master AutoCAD/ Revit from book stores. There are a lot of practical

functions in AutoCAD/ Revit, we cannot learn by ourselves. In order to pack up this software and get certification shortly, it is important for us to have an experienced and authorized trainer from Autodesk. Besides, a systematic courses design is necessary.” said Joshua.

winner of the Revit Competition
winner of the AutoCAD competition
April 19, 2010

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