每項建設工程都宛如怪物,工序若有延誤,後果不堪設想。有見及此,英國John Egan爵士於1988年《建業再思》所寫下對建造業的願景之一:「以電腦立體模型加在時間軸上去探索選項、管理解決方案及優化結果」的概念,終在90年代末實現,成為了BIM(建築資訊模型)技術。BIM現今的成熟與普及,改善了土木工程、建築設計、屋宇裝備及結構工程各範疇的工序,其中在項目審查方面,Autodesk Navisworks軟件的5D模擬,將「3D模型」根據「工作日程」及「工料物流」輸出為高質影片,例如影片在2014年4月時,防洪設備是否已建好、挖掘工程應有多深,都能根據模型的數據,具體呈現在螢光幕上,讓項目管理者可妥善控制項目,使這頭怪物不至於要暴走,避免無法承擔的後果。

Every construction project is like a haunting monster: when process delay occurs, the consequences could be disastrous. In view of this, in 1988, a British Industrialist, Sir John Egan wrote his vision for the construction industry in the report “Rethinking Construction and Materials, “The three-dimensional computer drawing is added to align with the timeline to explore options/management solutions and optimize results”.  The concept has finally come true in the late 1990s, and became the BIM (Building information Modeling) technology nowadays. The maturity and popularity of BIM has improved all areas in the industry, such as civil engineering, architectural design, building services and structural engineering processes.  For project review, Autodesk Navisworks software’s 5D simulation put “3D model” under the control of “work schedule” and “Material Logistic” and output as high quality videos.  For example, in April 2014, one should see whether the flood device is already built, and how far the excavation work was done.  These process could be all visualized on a screen according to the model’s information, which enables Project Manager to gain proper control on the project, so that they can prevent “the monster” from going uncontrollable, and avoid the consequences that no one can afford.



Recruit 20-5-2014 (Tue Issue)



May 20, 2014

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