感謝《AM730》,機緣巧合下獲邀在此專欄分享一下所見所想。在下是一個在職業教育機構的培訓導師,專門負責建築,設計相關的電腦培訓。 如果你是建築中人,相信你對BIM這熱門關鍵字並不陌生,但我也希望如果是外行的你也能知多一點,因為這技術的發展可能是你事業的轉機。 BIM即建築資訊模型(Building information modeling)。有時你就算問一個行內人都會覺得他解釋得1999。其實BIM同你把口和鉛筆間尺一樣,都是我們表達自己設計思想時的工具。那為甚麼 有鉛筆唔用,要用個好似好難的BIM?關鍵在於個「I」字,即information。用圖像表達建築設計是有局限的,例如你畫一扇窗,頂多知道他的外形,尺寸,但其他更重要的資訊如廠商,物料,防水造 工等,你不能只在圖紙就記低所有資訊,未用BIM前我們往往是手動地記下資訊,例如編個窗戶表之類,費時失事。但用BIM,你的 I(Information) 就直接記錄在M(Model) 內,當你用資料時只需抽取所需部分即可。所謂資訊,例如平面圖,3D演示圖及明細表(Schedule) 等,全都是資訊的整合,所以BIM工具就好似做個Snapshot將其生成(Generate)出來,免去大量製圖(Draw)的工序。只要想到做設計時不用畫圖,好多設計師都會流晒口水。 以上只是介紹了BIM的原理,還有BIM的好處要和你分享,下回再談。

Thanks to “AM730”, which by a very special occasion, I was hooked up to share what I see and what I think.  I am a trainer of a training institution, specialized in the computer application training for architectures, engineers and constructors. If you are in the AEC industry, the keyword “BIM” shouldn’t be new to you, however, I am hoping that in the event that even you are an outsider, try know more about it.  It is because the development of this technology can be a turning point of your career. BIM is the abbreviation of Building Information Modeling.  Sometimes, even an insider can’t give you a clear picture of what it is.  Simply put, BIM is a communication tool to express your thought just like what you do with your pencil and ruler.  “Why are you using that complicated tech like BIM instead of your pencil and ruler then?” The key is the letter “I”, Information.  Design images have their limitations, for example, you draw a window, you know its shape and sizes, but you cannot record all other important information such as supplier, material, waterproof workmanship, etc.  In the past, we dot down and arrange these information, such as making a table of windows infos, which was very time-consuming.  But now, with BIM, your “I” (Information” will be recorded directly into your “M” (Model), which you can simply extract the required information from the required section.  All floorplans, 3D images and schedules, are all examples of BIM’s integrated information.  In other words, BIM tools is like snapshots generators, which spare you a lot of drawing processes.  Imagine how cool it is when you do not need to draw your designs anymore. The mentioned is just an introduction of BIM’s principle.  There are a whole brunch of its advantage to talk about.  See you next time!

Biography: Joshua@The Outstanders, Trainer in creative training, rambles on construcions, design, culture and lifestyle. E-mail:




am730 1-8-2014

August 8, 2014

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