Blog要搬家 人氣如何挽回?

Yahoo! Blog突然宣布結束,猶如摑了部份專業博客們一巴掌,即使立即申請搬移到Tumblr開始流水帳般的操作,然而流失的人氣說明了一件事:今時今日,網站單靠社區網絡來拉攏人氣並不足夠,能通過搜尋器上捕捉瀏覽量才是王道。所以博客們如果遇到搬家前後不順不滿的情況,不妨自行架設Wordpress網站,它內建的SEO(搜尋器優化)助你一發文章就可以迅速被Google收錄到系統中,不少博客過去積存極具參考價值的文章,搬站第一天就被搜尋到,人氣不跌反升,只要持續專心、認真、有耐心地寫文章,SEO就是你未來的人氣來源之一。


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Recruit 10-9-2013 (Tue Issue)


The sudden annoucement of the retirement of Yahoo! Blog is has slap pro-bloggers on their faces.  Even though pro-bloggers transfer their blogs to Tumblr and started sharing like a day-to-day current bank account, the loss of the popularity has proved one issue: Nowadays, community Network is not enough to win- capturing page-views through search engine is crucial.  So, in case you encounter discontent on blog transfers.  It is suggested to build your own WordPress website.  The build-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps you to record your record to the Google index upon each posting action.  Some bloggers who has accumulated posts with rich reference value made them searchable on their first day of transfer, which result a rise of popularity instead of fall.  If you can keep focused, serious and patience on blogs writing, SEO is one of the key source for your future popularity.

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Recruit 10-9-2013 (Tue Issue)

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September 10, 2013

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