不少人心存一個創作夢,也知道要由學Photoshop開始,但看完一些YouTube上的快鏡修圖示範,眼見人家逐筆刷上顏色,還拼合其他素材,難免會自覺做不來,繼而放棄。其實那些「神級」的示範每一步都包含顏色修正、照片修飾及設計圖片中的理論,只是人家沒有減慢播放速度去告訴你如何逐一實踐。當然擁有巧手是很理想,但Photoshop已經有很多功能可取代看似複雜的效果,例如要將照片中的路人甲刪除並保留背景,先用選擇工具選取—路人甲>Edit>Fill>Content Aware>OK—5個步驟便完成,無須精細的手部動作。當你充分了解這些理論並反覆練習,你會發現那些示範不過是頗有心機,用得頗熟練罷了。

Many people has dream of joining the creativity profession, they know they have to kick off learning Photoshop.  However, sometimes they are scared off by some time-lapsed photo retouch demonstration on YouTube like free hand brushing or materials combining, etc… then they loose their faith and decide to give up.  In fact, every steps of the “God-like” demonstration includes theories of  color correction, photo retouch and photo design.  It’s just the professional won’t slow down the playback speed and tell you how to achieve the outcome. Of course, it is precious to have a pair of dexterous hand, but Photoshop has a lot of features that can replace actions which looks complicated, for example, if you want to remove the unwanted object from a photograph, just select the object using the selection tools > Edit>Fill>Content Aware>OK – Done in 5 steps without any fine hand movements. When you fully understand these theories and practice more, you will find those demonstrations are nothing but kind of technical and thoughtful.



Recruit 4-3-2014 (Tue Issue)
Recruit 4-3-2014 (Tue Issue)



March 4, 2014

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