早前一位客人問有甚麼軟件可將同事的頭加在動物的身上,令我錯愕了一下,原來她收過這樣的動畫賀卡,自己也想做到,我推薦她Adobe Flash。大家或會嫌棄Flash,覺得它會逐漸被新技術取代,但其實時至今日,Flash在2D動畫製作方面仍然難以取代:它直觀的動畫製作功能如Graphic Symbol和Motion Tween,造就了當年紅極一時的《中國娃娃》和《賤兔》等網上動畫,業界部份2D動畫製作或採用其他軟件,但難免模仿Flash,卻必須支援Flash以彌補它們未能跟得上的一些新標準(如高清影片格式)。然而用甚麼工具也好,一段好的動畫需要動畫師逐格逐格的心思;一張好的動畫賀卡,也應該抱有同事間互助互勉的感恩啊!


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Recruit 17-12-2013 (Tue Issue)


*註:原文經雜誌修改後,標題與內容或與雜誌版本稍有不同,懇請諒解。A client called in earlier and asked “what software I can use to put a colleague’s head on an animal’s body?”  This weird question did stocked me for a little while.  Actually this client received an animated greeting card like this and she was enthusiastic about it.  I recommend her Adobe Flash. We may dislike and abandon Flash, thinking it will gradually be replaced by new technology, but in fact today, Flash is still irreplaceable in 2D animation production: it intuitive animation features such as Graphic Symbol and Motion Tween, has once created tons of popular online animations such “Pucca” and “MashiMaro”.  Some 2D animation studio may employ other software, but those software inevitably imitate Flash, and must support Flash to compensate their failure to keep up with some of the new standards (such as High-Definition video format). However, a good animation requires animators’s  frame-by-frame-effort; a good animated greeting cards should also build on the thankfulness among colleagues!

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Recruit 17-12-2013 (Tue Issue)

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*Note:  The original article was edited by the magazine, which may result minor differences on the title and content.  Please kindly understand.

December 17, 2013

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