過去數十年,香港公屋經歷多次變革,由最初的徙置區、H型和井型、到八、九十年代的Y型、十字型,至後來的雙塔式、和諧式,再到近年才引入的模數化單位設計(Modular Flat),為港人提供了更舒適的安樂窩。其實早在2006年,香港已經有公屋發展項目開始使用建築信息模擬(BIM)技術,以3D立體數碼模擬真實環境規劃樓宇設計及興建程序,進行各項早期環保數據分析,更快更具效益地創建和管理建築項目,增加施工效率之餘,也減低建築成本和減少廢料排放。今時今日,隨著雲端科技的迅速發展,在建築過程中更可以配合Autodesk BIM 360雲端解決方案,將密集的數據分析計算移至雲端,讓設計師及工程師可以在雲端平台存取設計資料到智能手機或平板電腦,隨時隨地查閱,有助提升整體工作效率及作出最佳決策。

—Autodesk 香港及澳門地區區域總監李煥明


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Recruit 2-7-2013 Tuesday Issue


Business Information Model (BIM) Pushes Environmental Protection on Public Retal Housing Development

Over the past few decades, Hong Kong has public housing experienced several notable changes:  From the initial resettlement area, “H-type” and “Grillage”, to the “Y-type”, “Cross Type” in 80s-90s, to the later “Twin Towers”, “Harmony Block”, and then the recently introduced “Modular Flat”.  These changes has been contributing to provide more and more comfortable homes for  Hong Kong people.  In fact, back in 2006, the Hong Kong public rental housing development projects have been started using Building Information Model (BIM) technology to simulate real 3D stereoscope for digital environmental planning for building design, construction procedures and early environmental data analysis to achieve faster more efficient building and management in construction projects.   Its result was not only limited in an increased efficiency, but minimized constructional costs and reduced waste emissions. Nowadays, with the rapid development of cloud technology, Autodesk BIM 360 Cloud Solution can be applied simultaneously in building process to move intensive data analysis to the cloud,  so that designers and engineers can access design data on the cloud with smart phone or tablet anytime, anywhere, which help to enhance the overall efficiency and be able to make the best decisions.

—Wendy Lee (Branch Manager, HK & Macau, Autodesk Far East Ltd)

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Recruit 2-7-2013 Tuesday Issue

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July 5, 2013

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