不少商戶及創業者為讓公司、產品/服務打進市場,紛紛使用Facebook作宣傳渠道,但眼見人家的專業搞得很好看很專業,自己的公司頭像、背景、發佈的圖片卻好像參差不齊或像素欠奉?為甚麼人家宣傳品上的Facebook標誌及按鈕這麼正式,而我在網上找的質素參差不齊?為甚麼人家可以在自己的網站上製作Like Button,顯示Facebook內容,而我就只能貼上圖片鏈結? 現提供全面的參考資料及資源,讓你能的Facebook宣傳更專業:

  1. Facebook專頁版面尺寸
  2. 免費下載正式Facebook品牌圖像
  3. 在網站上制作Like、Share、Send等按鈕




你可以瀏覽”Using Facebook Brand Asset” ( 選取你需要的Facebook官方圖像,由Logo,按鈕到流動裝置的版式都有,並且提供不同像素及檔案格式,使你無論是用來製作印刷品、網站,或是電視廣播都是使用「原裝正品」。


你可以使用各種Facebook開發者的Social Plugin工具(,在你的網站上加入Facebook官方按鈕,令網站訪客更容易透過「讚好」你的Facebook專頁,追蹤你發佈的新動向。 例如透過一些Like Button設定,你可取得適用於你的網站的程式碼,例如以上設定所取得的IFRAME程式碼,可得到以下的效果: 當然,假如你使用WordPress內容管理系統製作網站,你只需簡單安裝Facebook相關的plugin,這些Plugin往往能提供更有彈性的設定,令你的網站感覺配合上Facebook內容也不覺得突兀,例如天行凝方網站所使用的是Facebook Like Box Responsive。 希望以上資訊能對利用Facebook宣傳的你有幫助!

Many businesses and entrepreneurs strife to push their company, product or service into the market, they uses Facebook, the one-of-the-most popular social media channel.  However, some social marketer notices something like “How can others’s image sizes matches the page so well while mine just like losen?”, “Why others printed materials’ facebook logo look so original while the ones I found on the web look so crappy?”, “Why others’ can embed the “Like Button” on their website, while I can only put a hyperlinked image?” For all these quality difference, we now provide a series of references and resources, so that you can make use of them to make your Facebook page way more professional:

  1. Facebook Page Layout and Dimensions
  2. Free Facebook Brand Asset Download
  3. Create Like, Share, Send and etc Buttons on Your Website

Facebook Page Layout and Dimensions

You can crop your images with graphic design software (e.g. Photoshop) and rephrase your texts, so that you content can fit into the Facebook layout properly.

Free Facebook Brand Asset Download

Brose to “Using Facebook Brand Asset” ( and choose you required official Facebook Brand visual asset, such as the F-logo, buttons and even mobile phone layout.  There are also chooses of image qualities and file formats, which you can ensure everything printed materials, website and TV broadcast material you use to promote your facebook, are the official ones.

Create Like, Share, Send and etc Buttons on Your Website

You can uses various Facebook Developer Social Plugin tool ( to add Facebook official buttons on your website, which allow visitors to “Like” your Facebook page, and follow your updates hereafter. Through some Like Button setting, you can get the code that fit your website.  For example, the above setting brings the following result: Of course, if you are using WordPress Content Management System to build your website, all you need is to install  some Facebook-related plugin, these plugins often provide more flexible customization, which make Facebook content won’t look awkward on your website.  For example, the plugin that Form.Welkin Homepage uses is Facebook Like Box Responsive。 We hope the above information can help you with your Facebook marketing!



June 6, 2014

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