[職業心得] 善用Instagram宣傳

2013年4月23日,招聘雜誌Recruit (Tuesday Issue) 中分享了一個宣傳生意的貼士

On Apr, 23, 2013, Recruit Magazine (Tue Issue) has shared a tip to promote your business


你可曾因在Instagram看到有人貼上精美的甜品照片,吸引你搜索該甜品店的位置、食評和官網而幫襯了該店?近日銅鑼灣一家咖啡店憑無數幅草莓格餅照,令它周末大排長龍。Instagram這混合流動即拍、修圖、社交及分享的App標誌了生活品味,做到有效的口耳相傳。不少商家、推廣及職業博客都看穿這點,紛紛使用它,並整合於網站上。強大又免費的網站內容管理工具WordPress,已能用到很多對應Instagram的插件,免費做到很多博客不容易做到的效果,如Simply Instagram、InstaPress等,將一幅幅美食、時裝、旅行美景等,伴隨著出色的文字稿與資訊呈現出來,向我們招手。

轉自:Recruit I.T. Chat


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Make Instagram your Promotional Tool

Have you ever been tempted by a nice dessert photo on Instagram, and provoked you for a visit of that dessert house after a series of research of the location, reviews and official homepage?   Recently, a long queue was formed in front of a coffee shop in Causeway Bay during weekends due to the countless strawberry waffle pictures taken by visitors.  Instagram, an apps fused with mobile photography, image editing, socializing and sharing, often symbolizes lifestyle, which make it able to bring up positive word-of-mouth.  Many business owners, marketers and professional blogs saw through this.  They made use of it and integrate them into websites.  WordPress, the powerful and free-of-charge web Content Management System tool, is adaptive to many plugins to integrate Instagram.  They made possible to many effects without any cost that traditional blog won’t be able to be done easily.  Those plugins, such as Simply Instagram, InstaPress, etc, allow pictures of fine dinings, fashions and great views from your travel, nicely published along with your impressive texts, and tempts us once again.

Source: Recruit I.T. Chat


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April 24, 2013

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