創業者、行銷人員和商科生都應該明白,隨著智能電話和平板電腦的使用普及化,網路行銷(e-Marketing)成為很多行業的必須,而這技術在招聘市場上的渴求,甚至令其逐漸被業界認同為多種高階專業,如Web Evangelist、Social Media Strategist等職銜。 傳統的Marketing有時因為難以判斷其投資回報率(ROI),往往被說成「吹水」行業,但e-Marketing則不同,甚麼都有數據支持,而Google Analytics就是為此而設,最普遍的免費e-Marketing分析工具。 你公司網站的每天瀏覽人數、瀏覽時間、瀏覽者來自哪些國家、有否在購買程序中跳出,甚至短片看到第幾秒被放棄,都能用它詳細報告,使你能精確地分析出策略的優點和缺點,從而針對性地作出調整,提高它的ROI。


E-Marketing – 高效網絡創富證書


為什麼要用Google Analytics?


10個SEO 2013貼士

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Recruit 18-6-2013 Tuesday Issue


Entrepreneurs, marketers, and business students should all knows that e-Marketing becomes more important and highly demanded in the market as the usage of smart phones and tablets grows.  E-marketing is even recognized as a career of high professional value, in which, splendid titles arises, e.g. Web Evangelist, Social Media Strategist, etc. Rate of Return (ROI) is usually hard to determine in traditional Marketing and make people find it a “boasting” subject/job.  E-Marketing, differs from traditional Marketing, is supported by figures, while Google Analytics dedicated for this purpose, and is the most common free e-Marketing analysis tools. With Google Analytics, you are not limited to see your company website’s daily page-views, viewing time and viewer’s origin, but a lot more detailed reports such as “did viewers bounce-out while purchasing”, and “which seconds did the viewers giving up viewing your video clip”.   These figures allow you to analyze your e-marketing strategy accurately and carry out specific adjustments, and make it possible to raise your ROI.

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Recruit 18-6-2013 Tuesday Issue

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June 18, 2013

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