2013年5月21日,招聘雜誌Recruit (Tuesday Issue) 中提及到設計軟件的發展對行業的影響

On May 21, 2013, Recruit Magazine (Tuesday Issue) mentioned how the development of visual design software influence the industry


過往不少學平面設計的人,都會想買Photoshop和Illustrator回家用,但對業餘愛好者來說價錢實不易負擔,其實業界亦面對同樣情況:即使軟件多好,老闆未必肯花錢購買或升級。不過隨著Adobe推出了Creative Cloud,情況可能大不同了!用家或團隊現在可每月以不錯的價錢使用所有最新最常用的設計軟件,及使用附送的雲端分享。這種軟件租用的模式,意味著業界更多人會願意使用更多種類的軟件,例如慣用Photoshop和Ai做平面設計的,不需要額外資金便可用到InDesign做版式設計,這不但可加強生產力,更能擴大服務領域,造就新的商機,無疑是設計行業的志者與老闆們的一大喜訊。


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When you can “rent” Visual Design Apps…

Many graphic design learners really want to buy a set of Photoshop and Illustrator so they can use at home, but the price isn’t really rational for ammeters.  This also applies to the industry that the bosses may not want to spend more money to buy or upgrade, regardless how good the applications are.   However, with the launch of Creative Cloud by Adobe, the situation may change drastically.  Individuals or teams can now pay quite a good price on a monthly basis to use all the latest and the most commonly used design applications with additional cloud-sharing service.  This application renting mode implies that more people in the industry would be willing to use a wider variety of software, for example, a practical Photoshop and Ai graphic designer, is now able use InDesign for layout design with no additional cost.  This does not only enhance the productivity, but allows service scope expansions, which means bringing in new business opportunities.  This is undoubtedly a piece of good news for industrial enthusiast and bosses.

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May 21, 2013

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