3D打印技術為醫療及時裝等不同專業帶來巨大貢獻,不少專業人士開始學習專業的CAD(電腦輔助設計)軟件(例如AutoCAD),務求為工作帶來預想中的效益。有見技術發展的重要性,本港學界及相關團體也積極研究將3D打印帶進中小學電腦科教育,培養學生的興趣及創作能力。不過了解到傳統3D軟件對少年學生來說是個比較艱難任務,在此特意向老師們推薦免費Web App「Autodesk Tinkercad」,只須點擊 / 拖曳及放下等簡單滑鼠操作,即可經由建立、改變合併去製作3D模型,然後下載STL檔案即可進行打印。當然學校若想使用接近業界的專業Autodesk軟件,也可申請成為Autodesk Academic Resource Center,享用更多免費設計軟件推行創意教育。

3D printing has an enormous contribution in different professions such as medical and fashion.  Many professionals had started learning professional CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software (e.g. AutoCAD), in order to bring the desired benefits to their jobs.  In view of the importance of the development of 3D printing technology, local academic and related organizations are actively studying its implementation to Primany and Secondary Schools’ Computer Science subjects, which aimed to nurture students’ enthusiasm and creativity.  However, considering that students may experience a steep learning curve on traditional 3D software, teachers are recommended to try a free Web App known as “Autodesk Tinkercad”.  The software allows one to create, combine and edit 3D model with simple mouse click, drag and drop, and then the relevant STL file could be downloaded and send to print.  Of course, if campuses intend to pursue professional software to implement creative education, they can register themselves as an Autodesk Academic Resources Center, and enjoy many more free creative software.




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July 16, 2014

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