Welkin Assignment Upload Systems 天行培訓習作提交系統


這是天行電腦培訓/天行凝方為學員提供的習作提交系統。 如你在天行電腦培訓/天行凝方就讀CEF認可課程,你可以通過這系統提交習作。

系統要求:  建議使用最新的Chrome。Chrome (v53.0), Safari (v9), Microsoft Edge, Firefox(v49) 的桌面版網頁瀏覽器測試正常。但 Internet Explorer 11或之前的版本並不穩定,請不要使用。亦請不要集體同時上載以免超出負荷

Important Notice, Read before you enter.

You are entering Welkin’s assignment submission system. All CEF student can submit their course assignments through this portal.

System requirement: Recommend Google Chrome browser. Most modern desktop browser like Chrome (v53.0), Safari (v9), Microsoft Edge, Firefox(v49) are tested to run normally. However Internet Explorer 11 or before are unstable and fail to run the system. Please don’t upload as large group  at once, which may a systems fail.


文件要求: 雖然系統對文件格式和大小有若干靈活性,強烈建議你將文件壓縮成不大於150MB的 Zip文件提交。可參考圖像的壓縮方法。

File requirement: Recommend you can zip all assignment content in .zip format, not more than 150MB per each .zip file. Create Zip a file is easy, please refer to figure below.


你需要密碼進入系統頁面。請使用學生服務主任給你的密碼。提示:天行的英文名稱,首字大階。- “W?????”

如你在使用這系統感到困難,歡迎你致電3605 3322,我們很樂意安排其他方法提交習作。


You need a password to enter the system. You should get it from our student services officer. Hint: Our training centre name in English, with first letter in capital. – “W?????”

If you fail to submit assignment through this system, you are welcome to call us (3605 3322) to arrange another submission channel.

Press button below to enter system page.

Assignment Upload 習作上載

Assignment Upload Demo

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