屋宇裝備(Building Services)是現代建築不可或缺的一環,其中的能源分析和管道設計要求正日漸提高,因此「建築信息模型(BIM)」逐漸成為建造業界的主流技術,其中Autodesk Revit軟體提供完善的工具,協助專業人員設計複雜的建築系統。以下是BIM為機械、電氣和管道 (MEP) 工程師所帶來的三大好處:

1. 3D模型及碰撞檢測(Clash Detection)


2. 完整的設計資料庫


3. 可持續性的建設流程


有見MEP工程人員及公司為了在競爭激烈的市場中建立優勢,爭相追求專業的Revit MEP培訓,天行凝方作為Autodesk認可培訓中心,特別開辦期間限定的”Advanced Certificate in Revit MEP”,帶來最切合Autodesk的訓練方針。課程在Autodesk官方教程的支持下,提供實際操作訓練,幫助你和你的工作伙伴融入BIM的設計模式,體驗Revit MEP為你帶來的強大效益。完成課程你亦會獲頒Autodesk發出的修業證書,證明你的學習成果。


Building Services is an integral part of modern architecture.  The demand of human resources with skills such as energy analysis and plumbing design are increasing gradually, thus Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming a core skill of the Architectural, Engineering and Constructional (AEC) industry.  The software, Autodesk Revit, provides comprehensive tools to help professionals in the design of complex building systems. The following are the three major benefits of BIM for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineers:

1. 3D Model & Clash Detection

Clash Detection is the most common goal for Hong Kong BIM projects, in which, 3D models is the hero.  Revit software integrates architectural design, structural engineering (Structure) and MEP and provide seamless collaboration environment for all three professionals, which vastly reduces the workload of omissions and revisions.

2. Rich repository of design data

BIM Objects are encoded with not only dimensional data but a variety of other attributes like energy performance data, component material and finishes, and cost information.  This rich repository of data enables a more efficient process for MEP Teams, for example: detailed information in the models enables complex calculations to be done automatically and changing the mechanical system automatically cascade its changes to the associate electrical devices and plumbing systems.  The power needs of the mechanical equipment specify an initial design can be tracked for improved crossed disciplined coordination.  This data can be used to update mechanical electrical equipment along with the total electrical needs using low classifications and demand factors for populating panelboard schedules.  The information model can be used to automatically calculate flow and help size hydraulic plate and duct systems.

3. Sustainable building processes

Taking a step further, information changes can used by any of these discipline working on the project, and will be easily reflected in the associate material take-offs and cost estimate, as well as the energy performance calculations and the facility as a whole.  The result,  MEP teams can contribute to the building process that is more efficient and result in less environmental impact.

In view of the MEP engineers and companies are competing market position by pursuing Revit MEP professional training.  Form.Welkin, as an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, is providing the time-limited training “Advanced Certificate in Revit MEP”.  The course uses official Autodesk Training Guide, and provides hands-on training aligning Autodesk’s requirements, which help you and your workteam to experience professional BIM design procedures, and enjoy the benefits that BIM brings.  Upon course completion, you will be awarded an Autodesk approved Certificate, which proves your learning outcomes. Now learn BIM, ride on the new wave of building technology!




JobMarket 4-4-2014


April 9, 2014

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