SEO(Search Engine Optimization搜索引擎優化),是一個任何類型生意用來突出網上可見性必不可少的工序。 在有機搜索引擎列表(SERPS)內提高網站的可見性的能力,是一個推進生意的網上可見性,並超於其競對手的至關重要的工具。極為普遍的關鍵字廣告(Per Per Click, PPC) – 在2010年全美國消費約2800億美元,反映搜索引擎推廣仍然是多麼的重要。The process of Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of any businesses aiming to establish a prominent online presence. The ability to enhance a website’s visibility within organic Search Engine Listings (SERPs) is a crucial tool to propel a business’s virtual presence above that of its rivals. The widespread prevalence of Pay Per Click (PPCs) ads – some $28 billion was spent in 2010 in the US alone – highlights how important Search Marketing continues to be.



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對Google來說,一個SEO活動需要令人難以置信的大量專門研究,和許多持續的應用,Google甚至採用超過200個排名的因素 – 其中許多每天都在調整或修正。 這意味著,我們必須不斷更新和磨練專業知識去調整去適應不斷(因算法調整和競爭對手所設計的新過濾器應用和技術而)輕微改變的搜索領域,更徨論Google的主要更新 。 主要技術大致可以分解成兩個獨立的定律,而它們合併後,將能夠做到一個全面的SEO策略:


[imageeffect type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” lightbox=”no” width=”300″ alt=”” url=”” ]主要的搜索引擎優化定律

  1. 1. 在頁優化:從內部設計使網站能邀請造訪者,讓他們易於瀏覽,避免他們跳槽到你的競爭對手的可能性
  2. 2. 頁面外優化 :從外部的網頁如合作企業、社交媒體等得到優質與互敬的連接



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With Click-Through-Rates (CTRs) for PPC of around 14.5%, there is still much audience share to pay for in the Organic Search realm of SEO. The top three positions in natural searches averaged over 35% of Clickthroughs in 2011 showing the potential traffic wins available from performing truly effective SEO.

[imageeffect type=”shadowreflection” align=”alignright” lightbox=”yes” width=”300″ alt=”” url=”” ]What it takes to be Top-Ranked

An incredible amount of dedicated research and ongoing application is required in an SEO campaign, and even then over 200 ranking factors are employed by Google – many of which undergo tweaks or amendments on a daily basis. This means that knowledge must be continually updated and expertise regularly honed to adjust to a search landscape constantly altered by minor algorithm tweaks, new filter applications and new techniques devised by competitors, not to mention Google’s major updates. The main techniques can be broadly broken down into two separate disciplines that, when combined, will provide a comprehensive SEO strategy:

[imageeffect type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” lightbox=”no” width=”300″ alt=”” url=”” ]Major SEO Disciplines

  1. 1. On-Page Optimisation: Interior design of the website to make it inviting visitors, make them easy to navigate, and avoid them from bouncing off to your competitors
  2. 2. Off-Page Optimisation: Quality, respectable connection with affiliations websites and social medias

With the advent of Local Search, Social Media & Social Search and the impact these have on Google’s algorithm, SEO is now influenced by PPC, PR, Branding, Client Relations and of course Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. The integration of SEO within such broad complex disciplines requires an understanding on how to plug into the online conversations as well as provide a coherent business-wide message.

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