大家早年可能聽過一個有關政府招聘「政策宣傳助理」負責日日上Facebook寫文章賺5元的鬧劇。但現在相信有關心時事的人都知道,不少政府部門及官員均確實擁有Facebook專頁,更會寫網誌公開各種事宜,不管大家對這些事宜有甚麼想法,隨著媒體廣告及其他宣傳工具被互聯網逐漸模糊化,網上內容管理系統(Content Management System, CMS)如網站網誌及Facebook專頁等技術已在公關及新聞發佈的層面上變得不可忽視。 我曾瀏覽過外國一個使用WordPress作CMS骨架的政府網站加入了Twitter插件,當地方遭遇水災時,政府官員通過Twitter發佈官方資訊,令關注災情的人可從網站得知最新災情及即時對應措施,可見一個好的網站對市民的貢獻可以有多大。


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Recruit 5-11-2013 (Tue Issue)
Recruit 5-11-2013 (Tue Issue)



We may have heard of a government recruitment joke of hiring the position called “Policy Promotion Assistant, PPA), which offers $5 per Facebook posts writing.  However nowadays, people who are aware of current events knows that many government department and individual officers do have their own Facebook pages, and in which, blogs are published on various matters.  In despite of your thought to these matters, the World Wide Web (WWW) is gradually blurring the function of media ads and many other promotional tools, which make online Content Management System (CMS) such as blogs and Facebook pages cannot be neglected on its role in terms of Public Relationship. I have once browsed a foreign government website uses WordPress as its CMS with Twitter plugin implemented.  When the city suffered from floods, the government officers will announce official information through twitter, so that people who concern the disaster can find the latest situation and contingency facilities on the website.  This is an example of how a good website can contribute to the society.

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Recruit 5-11-2013 (Tue Issue)
Recruit 5-11-2013 (Tue Issue)

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November 5, 2013

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