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Provide you new creative IT information
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HK Skills Competition 2016 02
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提交習作 | Submit

按此提交天行凝方課程習作 | Submit your assignment
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學生討論區 | Forum

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設計博客 | Blog

熱門話題 | Hot Posts

2017 全港學界 MOS / ACA 技能大賽.現正接受報名!


MOS / ACA 全球技能大賽 2016比賽結果公佈!

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MOS / ACA World Championship 香港區選拔

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個人專業資格認證考試 ( MOS, ACA, ACE, ACU & ACP )

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致貴學校 : 學界 IT. 認證考試資訊 / 成為認證考試中心

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持續進修基金 ( CEF ) 政府資助課程一覽

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來一起學習 | Get A Instructor-Led Course

天行凝方的學習網絡,本網絡會為你提供 :


  • 最新的課程/認證資訊
  • 課程習作提交及分享
  • 師生在網上的交流學習平台
  • 業界的最新資訊

如希望和我們的師生成員交流心得及使用以上的各項服務,請按此登記,費用全免。如已成為會員請按此登入,讓本網絡為你的學習過程提供更大的便利。 *由於資源的限制,部份服務可能只限於中文顯示,如使閣下造成不便,我們深感抱歉。我們歡迎你註冊成為會員,以提交你的課程習作;若你已經成為會員,請登錄並享受此服務。本網絡適宜使用以下瀏覽器配置:

  • IE10 或以上,首選最新的 firefox 或 Chrome。
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  • 支持 HTML5 和 CSS3 環境運作。


Welcome to, Form.Welkin Student Network, in this network you can:


  • Get latest course information
  • Submit & share your course assignment
  • Exchange your idea with students and instructors.
  • Get the latest industry 

* Some of the services may only in Chinese due to limit resources, we apologies for any inconvenience. You are welcome to register as a member to submit your course assignments. If you got this membership, please log in to enjoy the services provided. Best browser configuration to use this portal:

  • IE 10 or above, Updated fireforx or Chrome preferred.
  • 1280 × 1024 resolution or above.
  • Support HTML5 and CSS3 enviornment.

Any technicial enquiry, please feel free to connect the webmaster here.

天行旗下服務機構 | The Welkin Group


天行系統有限公司 Welkin Computer Training


天行凝方 Form.Welkin Creative Training


天行構思 Welkin Events

About itAcademia, fully supported by Form.Welkin Creative Technology Training, is a knowledge exchange network for everyone to get the latest IT skills, and further be certified by professional credential.

itAcademia: Learn it, share it and Certified it.

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